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I think you see the pure breed dogs leaving faster is due to the help of the local breed club/group. They get contacted and have the resources to find the proper owner who knows what they are getting into.

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What are your thoughts on ASPCA?

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I totally agree. Glad to hear. Their actual money put towards shelters is pennies on the dollar and it makes me sick.

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Let me get your opinion on someone that was denied from a rescue group to adopt a dog.

The man who was looking to adopt the dog has unaltered males and females in his house. He is on the field trial circut competing in AKC events. ALL of his dogs are Champion titled dogs within AKC and American Field. He breeds maybe 1 litter a year and studs his dogs out. Not in the business of breeding just bettering the breed with top of the line dogs. All are inside dogs. He was contacted that a local shelter has a dog in their possession of the same type of breed. He went and looked at the dog and fell in love. He is a responsible breeder and thought he would fix this dog then maybe hunt it but mostly as a companion dog. The shelter rejected his adoption siting the unaltered dogs in the house. They said the only was was for him to fix all the other dogs.