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CCAs are the walking postmen and women.

Correction: CCAs drive mounted routes, though all walking routes will be done by a CCA (or a City Carrier), never a Rural. Rurals do not wear uniforms, Cities do, though CCA's might not be in full uniform.

Sounds problem free, right? WRONG! Here are some issues and miscommunication errors that can and very often do occur:

The Amazon Co-Pilot is the worst navigation software I have ever had the displeasure of using. The map itself is riddled with inaccuracies, and the routing is, on occasion, unforgivably bad.

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Or it will have you do all the houses on the left, then turn around and do the ones on the right.

Or it will have you drive into an apartment complex, deliver parcels to half the buildings in the complex, leave, and then come back later and deliver the other half.

Or it will tell you to turn down a bike path. It even says "Turn on Bike Path".

Or it just assumes that no street stops ever. I don't know where it got its map. A child with a satellite photo and a crayon could do better.