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Thomhandiir17 karma

I see you mention deforestation and replanting in those areas, one could argue that replanting those trees will eventually help cover for the damage done by deforestation, but you also have your production added on top. You can't of course be expected to take responsibility for other people's actions, just a random thought that popped into my head.

But to follow up on the questions around replanting, has any research gone into finding out how much CO2 each tree can "such up" so to speak at the various stages of growth, and how does that relate to the more immediate climate impact of your production? I imagine it could take years or even decades for various types of trees to grow to full size where the would have a larger impact on the environment.

I will also admit I didn't look at the website yet, just browsing comments. Are you providing some sort of certificate or guarantee outside of claiming to plant x trees per y amounts of clothing? I imagine you order cotton in bulk, place bulk order for clothing, and plant trees in bulk to account for each shipment. Might be interesting if some form of certificate could be included to better legitimize your efforts.

With regards to the cotton plants, have you taken steps to ensure plant location doesn't also have a bigger environmental impact than needed? For instance have there been any deforestation done to create space for the cotton plants, and do you take such factors into account when calculating to be carbon neutral?

Any future plans to aim for going into negatives on your carbon footprint?

Are you only looking for replanting efforts, or do you also look into other avenues to help the environment? If I'm not mistaken the sea is a large source of the world's oxygen supply, and there's been some research into the effects of microplastics and other sea pollutants affecting oxygen generation from oceans. I've no idea myself of sea based efforts could have a more immediate environmental impact than replanting trees, though I guess harder to calculate for.

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Thanks for your answers! Personally I think it's really neat your estimates to recoup CO2 emissions from production on 5 year estimates, as I assume that estimate for CO2 absorption is made from when trees are planted until age 5?

As for conceptualizing CO2 absorption, I agree it's important to help customer understanding. Maybe once you are more established, you could use a tree analogy for the conversion. Something along the lines of x investment into cleaning up seas equals/approximates y trees planted. Probably better ways to conceptualize it if someone thinks about it for more than half a minute.

Best of luck, and thanks for the suggestion regarding mangrove trees!