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It is inspiring to hear from people such as yourself who can have such a positive attitude without delusion. What you have created with this post is far more personal than an article or scientific journal, it has such a powerful emotional impact. It inspires people such as myself, who during the majority of day to day life are so far removed from the need to realise true strength. Strength such as yours is something that most people may never have the need to find, and their life will be the poorer without it. It reminds us how spectacular life is, to be grateful, to reflect. That life exists at all is something to marvel at, let alone that we have the ability to marvel, and to have emotions set alight by someone we will likely never meet, and to be gloriously unified in that we all instantly care about your wellbeing, and envision a bright future for you; its an amazing feeling, and we have you to thank. I am grateful to have had the pleasure to know you, the fragment of your life you have shown us has enriched our own.

With love.