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  1. What made you decide to act in such a noble way?
  2. Will these people ever be able to return home? Would they want to?
  3. Did any of them leave families behind?
  4. Does your family support you? (for fear you may be arrested or killed)

Thanks for being such a great person.

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canadian here:

what happens if you guys raise a bunch of money, air the ads and get attention? let's say you get donations from 1000000 unique users. what happens when only 3000 were americans and the rest were canadians sending money to help support your cause, but are not eligible to vote in any election? i haven't gone over any of your material or information yet, and will shortly.

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oh ok, that makes total sense. i support quite a few organizations trying to keep our own shitty legislation from going through parliament. im sure we are all aware how big an influence american politics have on canadian legislature. we need to support one another as we are both brothers and friends.

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for sure, anybody that is willing to put up an honest fight and is not a selfish fuck deserves our support. what i am trying to say is that i really appreciate you guys setting this up. i know our generation is too smart to be told what to do by corrupt politicians. i sincerely hope this campaign builds up the momentum it needs to accomplish what it set out to do. i cannot vote in your elections, but i will support a noble cause.

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Second only to the Rampart Harrelson AMA