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That i am on tumblr. I am not on tumblr. I can barely spell tumblr. However, there does seem to be someone on tumblr (who copied my reddit user name) who is apparently trying to impersonate me. I like the idea that people are pretending to be me. I spend most of my time pretending not to be me.

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Yes. i plan to continue shooting episodes of cooking fast and fresh with west until West (my son) refuses to do them with me. Even after he starts refusing, i might drug him and shoot the episodes anyway.

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Terrible. Humiliating.

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Fuck: MS (because i think he'd come up with some pretty good heat-of-the-moment pet names for me) Marry JA, because he's good in the kitchen and kill JP, because it would be incredibly satisfying to say i took down a guy 4 inches taller than me.

I do use serpessence in my hair. However, i need to do that because running scavenger hunts actually precipitates hair loss.

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First of all, being a father is like directing Alien or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's much more difficult than directing an episode of TV. Also, directing a show or movie lasts a few months at most, parenting lasts for decades. Secondly, i am insulted by your suggestion of me playing robin to Ackles Batman. I would be the butler.