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One of the last scenes in Moral Orel has always made me tear up:

"Today's sermon is about.. family. What is family?

Well, a lot of times family is just a bunch of people forced to be together just because they came out of each other. But every so often....

A miracle happens. A loving family. Just like that! Out of nowhere! Now how does this happen? A belief in God? A strong moral structure? Blind luck? Who knows, who cares?"

I know you know that because you wrote it, but I just wanted to tell you that it was beautiful and painful and perfect. On such short notice, you ended the show with a miracle.

Thank you, Dino, and have a wonderful night.

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He might mean it as in "[adultswim] is a bunch of douchebags for closing you down early for dark humor," because that's how he better have meant it

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What are you drinking this fine evening?

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I'm gonna be greedy:

  • Do you think [as] is ever going to quit being jerks, and actually allow you to produce the lost episodes of Moral Orel (I'm sorry, but you had to know somebody here was going to ask you this). And if not, is there ever a chance you might try and produce it yourself and coast it on DVD sales? (I'm sorry, that probably won't pay for itself)


  • At the end of Moral Orel, you say that the show is dedicated to, I believe, your father, "the head of a truly loving family." If this is true, where was it that you gleamed your inspiration for Clay Puppington? Was it drawn from real life or wholly invented?

Thank you so much for taking the time, effort, and energy to deal with us tonight, you are amazing. Looking forward to High School USA!!