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Hello Officer and thanks for the AMA! Tough story to read, I feel for you and appreciate the goodheartedness you exhibited.

My question: I am a "I know my rights" kind of person but I also do not do things to put myself in a position to assert those rights (ie, breaking the law or appearing to break the law).

My question to you would be, when someone does start stating their rights, what is your reaction? For example, if I were to not roll my window down all the way for a traffic stop, or I were to just refuse to answer any questions during the stop, would that make you more angry or just meh at situation?


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Thanks for doing the AMA! What books or resources (if any) do you use (or used before) to help your game?

Also, what is your favorite starting hand. Thanks!!

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What motivated you to create this website and what did you set out to do to "set yourself apart" if anything?

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How was it to be on set and in scenes where Michael Scott was being truly awkward - not just funny - but almost sad or "pathetic". Obviously it was a show and acting, but as an audience member I would "socially" cringe at some of the stuff and I wanted to know what it was like during/after those scenes.

Thanks for your AMA!