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Are you aware of how difficult the immigration process is for a legal immigrant? Why should illegal immigrants that came to the United States (as adults) be rewarded by being allowed to stay?

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OP please answer this. I too would like to know.

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A lot of people in the United States have soldier worship. In my opinion, the road taken by those at the clandestine services suffer far more (emotionally). Thank you and your colleagues for what you do.

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I'm sorry the system treated you this way. I for one know the joy of entering a classroom and having two dozen screaming kids running up to hug you. One of the best feelings in the world. If you'd like to continue providing the wonderful attention to kids, maybe you should look in places where it's encouraged. I'm assuming you're in the US. Most places outside this lawsuit happy country put a lot more emphasis on childcare and practically let their teachers run free.

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I have met with Kathleen Stafford. Did you have any say in how much to show the Canadian efforts in the movie?