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I used to help out cops, like when they were doing wellness checks on my elderly neighbors. Last time, I didn't answer and watched while they kicked in the neighbor's door even though I had keys (woman was dead, too).

I no longer have any contact with any cop if I can avoid it simply because I have heard too many stories, and have had too many run-ins with asshole cops. It's no longer a case of a "few" bad apples -- it is a state sanctioned, organized crime gang.

I always approach any interaction with any law enforcement officer as one where they are looking for an excuse to arrest me, beat me, tase me or shoot me -- and when they do so, it will not only be done illegally, but will be covered up by everyone in their department. I also know that my chances of being given a fair trial are pretty much nil. This is forefront in my mind whenever I see a cop in uniform. . . I pretty much assume they want to hurt me. If an encounter goes well, then I believe I have found one of the few "good" apples.

I now figure that the odds of me being killed by a cop are much higher than me being killed by a criminal, because I can avoid areas where criminals frequent and I can prevent criminal from entering my home. I cannot prevent a thug in blue from doing so.

Sadly, when most people begin to frame cops as part of the problem and NOT here to protect and serve the community, only then will we find the motivation to do something about this.

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Upvote for vague 80s reference.