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Yeah haha

So I was only in Honduras for five days. Every night but the last I slept in a hotel room. The last night there was nothing around, but I found this two story watchtower-type structure and decided that would be a good place to hide.

I hid my cart then climbed to the second story. All was well and the view of the valley below was incredible. As I started dozing off lights of a truck turned onto the watchtower. Then there were voices and someone coming up the ladder.

I stood. A second later there was a silhouette across from me of a man with a machete. A moment of quiet felt like a very long time, then the silhouette laughed and yelled down to his friend, "It's just a gringo!"

He stepped forward and I saw it was an older man. After rattling off the fastest Spanish I've ever spoken, he said I was fine, but that someone had stolen some cows the night before so he was on high alert. He unfurled this hidden bed and said he was going to stay the night.

I offered him oreos and went to bed figuring have a guy with a machete on my side meant I was safe for the night.

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In the wrong shoes...so much.

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Savannah did well in the desert. In north Peru it actually wasn't too hot, then in Lima I had her hair trimmed so she wasn't holding in too much heat.

The greatest difficulty of the desert was probably the solitude. There were times where I felt like I was going insane. My mind was as blank as the landscape. It seemed I thought every thought.

But at other times the solitude was magical. Like throwing my tarp under the stars at night and everything being perfectly quiet. Those were nice nights.

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I don't think I'm going to make it to Germany unfortunately. I will absolutely get there one day though!

And thanks for following so long! Glad you're enjoying it!

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Hey Thinkclass!

Man, it's changed beyond recognition. I'd say the largest change is simply my understanding of the world. I didn't realize how naive I was before beginning this. The journey has given me a much better grasp of the world and how people exist within it. When I read about a country now I have a good context of how to place that information. I'm much less likely to generalize or unknowingly blow things out of proportion.

The other major thing is all the people I've met. Not to say my circle wouldn't have expanded or changed if I had stayed back home, but the variety of people I've met from this walk has been astounding. I have friends all over the world, living all sorts of different lives. That's an incredible thing.