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Yeah, seriously. If you have even a slight uneasy feeling about a car trying to pull you over, do what you feel is necessary to keep yourself safe. If you are legitimately concerned that a car does not have the authority to pull you over, you can move your vehicle to a safer place before pulling over, and then call 911. Most officers will be understanding as long as you are legitimately concerned, and it only takes a little bit of time to verify.

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From a response up top, your location. Be as specific as possible. The biggest problem is you getting disconnected. If they know where you are, there is a lot better chance of you getting help quicker.

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I am also a TBSC lover. But I have found that there is no middle ground on this. Everyone either loves it or hates it.

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J.D.: Are you nude right now?

Turk: Yeah! How'd you know?

J.D.: Your voice is always higher when you're nude.

Turk: That's true.

Dr. Cox: It's not weird you know that at all.

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Wow, look at this person who has a fridge just for apples.