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This memorial has become iconic in its ability to rouse emotional responses from all people who attend. I have a picture depicting this which hangs in my house. My father served as a dust off pilot during the war and I have always been interested in his time during the service. When I went to the wall with him it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I realized that at 21 he was doing things that I cant even fathom now at 32. My father is now the legion commander at the local post here in Michigan and is comprising a lot of stories from the community members into a documentary. I believe the material would be great for the education center. Please message me if you believe he could be of any help as Im sure it would make him incredibly proud to be part of a project like that on a national level. And if I know my father like I do, he can get things done.

My question: When did you realize the emotional impact this monument would have on visitors?

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So you were underwater for a period? How long?

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Because in the standard theory it explains why particles have mass which people interpret as 'existance'. It infuriates me that it got that nick name... cause it was really aliens.

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As an American I have to state that we are very much for a peaceful turn to Democracy, but when you state you want our support what would that entail for you? how can we help without escalating the situation.

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Whats the best diet and way to promote a healthy microbiome?