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Oh I agree that OBL is definitely dead, that part of Hersh’s story isn’t credible but he still has a few other good points.

As you mentioned OBL would’ve surfaced if he was alive.

That being said yes it’s a crazy world indeed!

Thanks for your response and great AMA btw!

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Well they are credible in the terrorist circles that obl was involved in yes.

Now whether they really knew anything or were just mouthing off, who knows...

None of the parties involved in this whole thing are credible in my opinion. They all push the narrative that serves them best and no one provides evidence of anything.

This is closer to entertainment than it is to a true, factual, evidence based event

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Of course Mr know it all. Your arguments are as convincing as those of a toddler.

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I think you're just too thick to understand that it is normal to expect that an event of this significance be properly documented as to avoid these so called "conspiracies" that reddit is so obsessed about.

I'll ask again, what's wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism? Is anything that doesn't perfectly fit with your narrative automatically a conspiracy? Why is it that there's zero room for questions with people like you?

Automatically discrediting people by calling their questions "conspiracy theories" is done in hopes that other people will dismiss the legitimate questioning.

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That also. We are told that it happened and that we should believe it without asking questions although the story they told is laughable at best. The us never cared about respecting Muslim traditions, and they didn’t care to not make a martyr either, if anything that would’ve given the us military the justification for more intervention/invasion/extra judicial killings.

I think they pushed that story because they knew it would appeal to the us masses. Us special forces are inserted in a foreign country, in a guarded compound in choppers in the middle of the night and engage in an epic firefight that ends up killing the most wanted terrorist of all times. Falls into the Let’s be patriotic/lets avenge our fellow Americans rhetoric but it sounds more like a Hollywood/call of duty scenario than anything real. You would think that anyone telling such an outlandish story would provide evidence to back up their claims...just in case...you know..