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But how do the tube operators get to work?

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Stop fapping then

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This happened small scale with the B2 integration with my FreeNAS install. The way they implemented it uses a massive amount or Class C transactions to list files. Luckily I had limits setup and got a text saying my limit had been reached. AFAIK it's been a problem for a while and last I heard from the FreeNAS dev team was that they would try to work a fix in the next major release. The only thing I wish would be for more granular controls over limits so I could set notifications that said "You have used 75% of your storage quota" and things like that. Still love my B2 backups though and luckily haven't needed them yet.

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Literally the most Japan thing I've ever heard.

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To be fair, ML/AI isn't very undergrad friendly to begin with. Sure you might be able to setup a premade ML environment but the concepts and practice is at least grad territory.