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Good joke. Good joke.


Two weeks in the field waking up at 0430 and not turning in until 2300, no access to phones/internet/comforts, and you get paid the same as some HR tech with a 9-5. Such is life in the Infantry.

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A couple.

  • First one was day 2 or 3 where I saw just weird fractal light patterns at the end of my float. It was a faint blue or green but it looked just as real as looking at my computer screen right now.

  • Toward the middle I had my eyes closed toward the end of a float. I saw a bright white flash of light through my closed eye lids and at the same time I heard a sound like lightning striking. It was that loud. Simultaneously I felt a sensation of extreme acceleration, as if I had been shoved 20 feet down. Then I started hearing what sounded like me breathing underwater, which freaked me out and made me think I was drowning, at which point I came into normal waking consciousness and all the experiences stopped. This experience felt just as real as real life. I was not asleep. I was just as lucid as I am now, only in a different state of consciousness. That's the only way I can explain it.

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90 minutes everyday except for one night where we floated for 6 hours.

Oh sure. I had lots of insights while floating. Mostly personal so they're not worth sharing.

The float state is a really great place to problem solve. If you've been stewing over a problem for a while or trying to make a decision hop in the tank, get relaxed, bring your mind to the problem, and the answer will just be clear as day. I think this is because we have many different layers to ourselves that sometimes can be in conflict. For example your logical mind may tell you one thing while your heart may want something else. Getting in the tank clears away all the surface level layers and connects you to the deeper parts of yourself and I think it's those deeper parts of yourself that make the best decisions and know what's best. But that's just my theory.

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Lol. I never got to see the upside down :(

The float tank they put her in looks ridiculous. You'd never be able to relax with all that heavy gear sitting ontop of you.

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I would say the most obvious changes to your perception is that it makes all of your senses exponentially more acute.

Many people(myself included) will come out of a float and notice many more things. For example you may notice a lingering perfume on your shirt from when you hugged your girlfriend that morning that you hadn't smelled until you got out of the float. Everything will look brighter outside - comparable to when you take a small dose of psychedelics. Things have a kind of a glow to them sometimes when you get out of the tank. Your hearing is heightened. You'll notice the feel of the towel on your body more acutely and the feel of the water on your skin as you shower. Really if you've taken psychedelics it's very much like that experience where everything is just heightened.

To the second part of your question... not sure what you're asking exactly but during a typical float you will become more and more relaxed. You will lose sensation of your body and your mind will naturally start drifting into altered states of consciousness. From there the experiences become very individualized. Some people will leave their bodies, some people will go to sleep(I fell asleep a lot), some people see colors, some people interact with entities, it all depends but you're not going to float there for 90 minutes thinking "I'm floating inside a dark tank" the whole time.