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Any research on promoting male sperm health? Recommended diets, etc?

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Keep in mind guys, this is the SF Bay Area. At least, my assumption after reading the author is that students will stay in the Bay.

$60 doesn’t go far here. Most associate jobs start at 70-80k but rent is anywhere from $2k-3k outside of San Francisco but easily 3k-4K for one, maybe two bedrooms in SF.

I’m not saying this isn’t s great deal, but that salary isn’t something you can live independent on. Not out here.

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Morning, I apologize being late for this AMA. I am an instructional designer for a major utility company in the Bay Area, feel free to guess the business name, and I frequently do voice overs for my work. I am a complete amateur and hate my voice, so....

1) any tips for creating good quality work?

2) what tools do you use?

3) recommendations for recording voice (e.g. Breathing, standing vs sit, etc)

I currently built a small vocal box with audio foam and a cheap laundry or clothing container from Walmart. My mic is a snowball blue, and I mostly use Camtasia Techsmith.

Any other tips would be helpful! Thanks in advance.

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Everyone seems to be asking you to just record junk... am I doing this incorrectly?

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I’d love to hear how you go about creating your storyboard. Do you have a theme in mind and that’s how you pick your clips?

What’s your process?