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Well I do think the 9/11 conspiracy movement proper died out probably in 2006 when they ran out of money. There was a site called 911 truth.Org that specifically said they couldn't go on if they didn't have more money. I believe that was when web traffic spiked for conspiracy related content as well. Seems to me that it's more common to think that the American government had some thing to do with 911 as opposed to the more outlandish conspiracy theories like holographic planes and fake victims and all that. Even the controlled demolition concept lost steam.

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Why do you think people in certain areas like California believe they can change their local climate? Do they not understand the concept of pollution from China affecting the entire world?

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What is your opinion of Loose Change and other popular 9/11 conspiracy videos? Why do you think the 9/11 conspiracy movement gained so much traction so quickly, then died out just as quickly?

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What I'm asking is - a common political football played today is climate change and how people might focus on this - recent weather events are now not blamed on natural occurrences but rather human caused climate change, so do you believe it is worth it for people in a state like California to focus on this, assuming it can change their local climate? Or, should they instead try ot understand how what happens in Beijing (for example) affects their climate far more than anything they can do as individuals?

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You believe that restrictions in California will directly effect their environment and climate more so than whatever China might be doing? Is that your stance?