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So, the netflix series "Vikings", I know chances are that it's 70-90 percent Hollywood exaggeration, but are there any details in either that show or.other pieces of media that have caught your attention as, "they got x right better then most"?

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Do you find that there are significant differences between particular groups? Does age influence gift giving habits more then sex, or some other factor? Just curious about the general trends of gift giving between groups.

Super general question I know, so feel free to just call me out on it

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Thank you! :) will the results of that be on ur channel?

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Yeah, sounds about right. And yeah if everyone is chipper it's all good :)

Is there a sort of gift quality vs quantity data? Like is it better to get more frequent smaller gifts or larger/more.expensive gifts less frequently?

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I only have a pretty gauge idea, the raid on the church and kicking Paris like it's going out of style, still a hell of a good show even if.its not accurate XD

The detail that I was hoping for some confirmation in was.licking the hand of the seer being legit, cause it's a fascinating creative choice if it wasn't, or blood eagling, accurate or someone having a really great imagination?

But it was.pretty much a silly question anyway :D