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I’ve tried coaching (part of my MBA program) and I’ve heard about it multiple times from different people and to be honest, it give me the same weird feeling like it’s a scam, similar to hearing someone talk about their amazing business (MLM). How can you explain it better or make it seem less like a scam/waste of money? It seems like the real benefit would be to just go to an actual therapist for most of it.

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Just wanted to second all of this. I had “coaching” as part of my MBA program and it was honestly a mix of being a complete waste of time, oddly creepy, very MLM-scam kind of feeling and a strange attempt at being therapy. In fact about 70% of my class in a survey on our overall MBA said it was a complete waste of time and money. (We didn’t have a choice about paying for it because it was “included” in our tuition and compulsory)

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Wanted to agree with all of this. I have had a couple of people talk about their mentor/coach taking them under their wing and how because of their investment in it they are going to make millions in 3-5 years and retire for the rest of their lives. Seems like anyone can just say they are a “coach” and take someone’s money for little to nothing except perhaps encouraging some delusion about business and money and the world in general.

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I got a lecture by a very old friend from school (more acquaintances now) about the whole projection thing? You project your hopes bad dreams into the world and they magically happen? Utter nonsense. Work hard. Get things done.

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How has your gender impacted your experiences and your research in these areas? As two male researchers you are often afforded a different level of respect, safety, etc. than a female researcher might experience within these context. Does your research take the differences in female and male owned and operated businesses or is it more generalized?

Second question: how would you define entrepreneurship?