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I know little to nothing about dance, as I am hopelessly un-coordinated. However, I am given to understand that being able to see your own posture and form in a mirror is an important tool for improvement. What do you do in place of this? Do you think it gives you any advantages over sighted dancers? (ie. Better awareness of your body position without having to use a mirror)

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What made you decide you wanted to dance in the first place? Does your company travel? I would love to see a performance!

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I'm sure you have tried this, but I thought I would put this out there anyway. I have had problems with epididymitis and an irritated bladder for a long time now. The both seem to be linked, and one seems to compound the other. The first makes me feel like I have been hit in the nuts. And it dosn't stop, sometimes for weeks. The second makes my pelvic area hurt similar to what you described, and I have to urinate waaay more than what is really needed. But I also sometimes have brief, intense pain after masturbation. To my point. It seems that the irritated bladder was caused by acid in my diet, and I am convinced that the bladder issue somehow affected me and caused the flairs of epididymitis. I cut anything with acid out, and after a while I had no pain whatsoever. I was kind of shocked, because I had not realized it was constant before it was gone!
So no alcohol at all, juice,coffee,soda,tomatoe of any kind, vinager, etc. Was this kind of comprahensive ban part of the diatery plan you have tried?

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I suppose that Indiana, US is a little out of your normal tour then... :-( So what do you feel is one advantage you do have over other dancers? I'm sorry if I keep pestering, but you do at least two things I can not even imagine myself, and you do them together! I'm a little awestruck...

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It's bad luck to wish good luck on stage here too. "Break a leg!" is the common thing to say for luck before a performance. I am getting a giggle from your version though! A gamer ballerina with a potty mouth.... You are made of Awesome! I don't perform, but from my every day life, relaxing the need to have everything perfect helps me at work.