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The_Millicent6 karma

Good thing Josh isn’t burdened by the stigma of the stupidity you suggest. Josh did to operate at the “nation destroying” level. Which America hating, Leftist cabal do you identify with most? You are complicit, like it or not.

The_Millicent2 karma

I’m glad the folks here now know you made that flag that is behind Joe Rogan in his podcast studio. Are all of your former cohorts over achievers in civilian life? It seems like the high-speed guys just NEVER come home and chill. So many of you guys go balls out and start businesses. How did you get started messing around with manipulating rust on metal?

The_Millicent-6 karma

Loaded question- there is definitely social engineering going on in the military and ‘sensitivity’ awareness and training regarding all kinds of garbage that does not belong in the military. Is ANY of that crap tolerated at the ‘clandestine operator’ level? I’m pretty sure the Navy SEAL that ‘transitioned’ surprised his fellow soldiers, but maybe not. Were you guys forced to acknowledge any of this burdensome, politically correct nonsense that the civilian world is currently strangling itself on, in defiance of common sense and science? Pretty sure no one on your team suddenly wanted to be called ‘Brenda’, but what about the lesser, low level ‘issues’ of gender and race and other goofy stuff? Was that a legit ‘thing’ with you guys at that level or were you left alone and allowed to be the Alpha Males you needed to be to kick ass and take names?