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Cheese Pizza.

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Tell your cousin Roose that he should send his son to a mental hospital.

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What are your thoughts on the Blue Code of Silence? Have you seen officers getting away with illegal, immoral, or corrupt actions because of it? What are your own thoughts about it and how does it benefit or harm the police force? I have personally been effected by police officers blatantly lying both at the scene of my arrest in order to get around needing a warrant and lying on the arrest report in order to justify their actions. They mentioned things that never happened on the police report and lied in it in order to cover up their lack of a warrant and the original lie. Because of this I have lost all faith in any officer because they have completely betrayed my trust. Basically I'm just trying to say that I have personally been affected by this and that it has negatively skewed my view of the police where it was very positive before. I realize that police officers have families to get home to and everything and that by betraying the blue code of silence other officers will retaliate, but protecting bad cops only serves to gain the resentment and mistrust of the citizenry you claim to serve.

Edit: I should mention that I live in the St. Louis area and have worked pretty much everywhere in it, including Ferguson after the riots in the areas where businesses were burnt down.

Thank you for spending your time to talk to us. I respect you a great deal for it.