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Without warning, the doorknob rattles. Slowly, it turns, and the door creaks open on the far side or the room.

In the dim shadow, you can make out the silhouette of a hunched and gnarled goblin, the cloying stench of his breath already in your nostrils.

The light of a candle flickers across him, and in one hand, you can see the deadly glint of his weapon - a Mark XIX MRI Desert Eagle, .50 Action Express.

His hand twitches, and the Ranger's head evaporates.

Roll for initiative.

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That's why we have lawyers.

Hi there!

She should be fully covered and receive a nice settlement,

That's assuming that the guy who hit her has assets to go after. Can't get blood from a stone.

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They don't have right of way, but the reality is that you know they are making a difficult merge, while accelerating, with limited visibility out their rear, and a limited runway of space.

Although you have the right of way, you should also attempt to merge out of that lane where possible, or failing that, try your best to yield to them given all of the realities I just mentioned above.

The right of way is not always the right way.

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Is it an inner-city location?

I lived in a dense city for several years and the more "downtown" McDonalds never did free refills and limited condiments. It had to do with attracting transients.

That said, if you were dressed at least business casual and pretended not to see the sign you wouldn't ever be bothered.

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Lawyer here.

But you don't need a lawyer to figure this one out. Just think about it for a second:

Try and think of a way - outside of standing on a street corner and yelling - to engage in political speech without spending money. Signs, posters, and fliers? Nope, have to buy the materials to make them. Internet campaign? Have to pay an ISP to gain access. Organizing a busing campaign to get out the vote? Costs money to rent or buy the buses.

The simple truth is that 99% of speech (and other election activity) costs money. And if it costs money, then this amendment allows Congress to regulate it.