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The_Gay_Dalek174 karma

Are the names of the people in your songs (Ada, Rachael, Abel, Karen, etc) based on real people, or are they fictitious?

Is the song Wake Up Your Saints about an affair? Me and my friend are having a dispute about the meaning of that song

What’s up with your obsession with Tennessee Williams?

What song would you say you are the most proud of?

Does Matt ever store things in his beard?

You guys are my all time favorite band! Thanks so much for doing this, stay awesome!

Edit: I would also just like to say you and your music has helped me and few of my friends through some really tough times, and gave them the strength to keep on going. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for it.

The_Gay_Dalek31 karma

"Karen put me in a chair, fuck me, and make me a drink"

Makes sense that that would be about his wife...