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The_Freshest_Prince18 karma

Ben! I am such an enormous fan of all of your work!

Biggest question I have: Is there any movement on El Fuego Caliente? Has Eva Longoria's Telenovela affected its chances for better or worse?

Again, thanks so much for doing this! Jean-Ralphio is an inspiration to me!

The_Freshest_Prince3 karma

Hello! The Cosby show was such an important part of my life growing up so thank you so much for that. Of all the wonderful projects that you have worked on in your career, which one gave you the most satisfaction as you worked on that project?

The_Freshest_Prince2 karma

What was it like shooting the Bronx World Travelers series? How did that get started and was it as fun to shoot as it seemed?

The_Freshest_Prince2 karma

Thank you so much for the response! And I also wish I could see the live read! Any chance you would try to produce it as a play?