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Or Jamie Hyneman...

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That was my question more or less, how does one deal with seeing those who have come before and ... well, failed. They are as a memory, locked into place and preserved for all those climbing to see, is it a caution, or a warning, or does their not succeeding push you to try harder?

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excessively vigilant...

I like that very much, it stirs one to want to take action in their life. Even to me, one who would not presume to think I have what it takes to climb Everest... As we all take our lives into our hands everyday when we step out the door, and we all can become as those left on the mountain, if not in actuality, but in the memory of those who love us. With them holding on to the memory of what we were when we left them until the end of their own lives, and to be put in someone else's memory.

Thank you for your answer and a new favourite phrase of the day... may we all do our best to remain ever excessively vigilant!

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Well... I am the Doctor after all. Heh, sorry, I do tend to fall back on this username when it seems witty.

Though I suppose I have in real life, as I have traveled quite a bit... Yet, my wanderlust still thirsts!

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Yeah I think the the title for that episode is called booby trap, did you know there is a booby trap in it?