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Disney is really relaxed

Apparently not to their Star Wars directors. By the way, without you, Rogue One wouldn't have been half as entertaining. You're one of those actors that makes everything a little better. We should just make a movie with you and all the actors that people love to see, like Stanley Tucci, Ben Kingsley, and Katherine Hahn.

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Need a hand?

Edit: I don't know if you already saw this, so I'm writing this edit, but I promise I didn't really think about my comment before posting. I'm just a simple idiot. Please ignore me.

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Do you believe there's an honest chance all of your easter eggs won't be discovered, or won't be discovered until years after the show has ended? I'm at a point of genuine concern that I'm not intelligent enough to appreciate this show in its entirety.

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You use both? Fucking madlad.

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I truly love your service and have turned several people onto it. Just yesterday I wrote an already well-received tutorial in your support forums about how to set Photopea as the default file handler for file types like .psd. I also want to say that I really appreciate you recently making the guides automatically go in numerical order.

That all said... Who do I contact about the slider for the brushes increasing consistently and not exponentially? For example, if I go 1/4 of the way up the slider, it's at ~30 px. If I go halfway up the slider, it's at ~135 px. If I go 3/4 of the way up the slider, it's at ~360 px. And if I go all the way up the slider it's at 1000 px. The window and the slider can always be bigger, but the slider is nearly useless to me since I have no way of mentally being able to click on the slider and have any idea where it will land. I want to ask if you would please fix this.