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The_Big_Bullshit86 karma

WOOO! I did it, I fucking did it!

Ok, so I imagined the handshakes as a polygon... like, an octogon, or a square, something with sides and points. Then connect all the points.

A square has 6 total. A pentagon has 10. Hexagon 15. I saw the pattern: add 4 (# of corners on square) and 6 (total handshakes) and you get 10 -- sum of a pentagon's handshakes.

So I found a workable recipe for # of handshakes, based on the previous polygon.

From there just walk up to 66, adding consecutive integers. +8+9+10+11 etc. After adding 11 I reached 66. Twelve people at your motherfucking party!

I am so happy.

The_Big_Bullshit2 karma

I am bummed that so many say, "What you did was great, but I would never save a klansman." Somehow your compassion needs to infect more people. You have a lesson to teach, even here on reddit. Commenters in this thread seem to fixate on, "Was it pure instinct, do you regret your actions, would you save his life today?" They marvel at your compassion without adopting it themselves.

If you can't tell, I am a fan! That picture up there is something serious, I am really moved by it.