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Thanks again! All the best, good luck out there

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Thanks! One follow up:

Do you feel - or are concerned with - that once your Law School contemporaries gain(ed) some practical experience that their education will allow them to gain an edge over you? This is often the argument used in my industry (completely different but we still have to get a license) of going to dedicated program/school vs going the experience route. That after a bit in the field our education + practical experience will be greater than just those with practical. (That and it is faster to go through the programs, and thus you make more money faster. But I want to focus on the quality of the individuals produced)

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How do you compare yourself to those who did go to law school? Do you feel they have a leg up? Or do you feel the practical experience you had from prior experience has given you a unique advantage?

Also, how did you set up your study schedule for the exam and what materials did you use?