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What other creative projects has this policy affected? Nothing comes to mind.

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Did you end up considering subreddits that actively attempt to fix the problems through intensive moderation? I'm thinking in particular of /r/askhistorians here.

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I edit obituaries as part of my job, and my favorite of all time was "reunited with her creator spirit."

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It's why we open bed-and-breakfasts.

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Thanks for doing this, folks. This is James Brooks, the state reporter for the Juneau Empire in Alaska. Since I read the story, I've been wondering how to go about doing the same thing here, so I wanted to ask about the nuts-and-bolts behind it all.

Did you simply FOIA each LE agency in the state? How did you deal with a refusal or delay? If I were to try to duplicate this effort for Alaska, what advice would you give?