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That's because it was a good movie. I don't remember any movies from my childhood that didn't move me in some way. When filmmakers make kids movies the safe and reassuring way, they turn out to be unrelatable, completely disposable nothingness. Disney almost exclusively makes those kinds of movies now because those are the movies parents buy tickets for. What I love about Pixar's success is that their movies have adult concepts and moving stories and they don't treat their viewers like hyper-sensitive idiots.

Brave Little Toaster is a classic because of how god damn scary it could be when the characters you grew attached to were put in peril. It was the same for the end of Toy Story 3, when there was a veritable holocaust for toys and they all embraced each other in anticipation of death. That's a good story and kids should have good stories.

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I did something like this, managing about 20 miles per day, for 6 weeks in Japan during summer 2006. I initially popped my blisters, but they wouldn't heal because I was constantly walking on them, so I learned to let them be because skin is still the best bandage of all.

Edit: I left them alone for about 3-4 days, THEN popped them and cut off the excess skin. By then, there was enough new skin under the blister to protect the area enough that I could walk normally again. I also got pretty good at avoiding blisters altogether, swapping out shoes helps enormously.

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It's the elephant in the room with Pod Save America. It's very "establishment".

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This is dark... I still laughed.