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Nördlingen, if anyone wants to visit.

Roughly in the Middle of the triangle formed by Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich, ~150km or 2h by train from Munich.

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Did you still perform safety stops coming up?

So, it's definitely been too long since my training to entirely trust my word, but it seems that at 24.7m of depth and a 30min dive (according to his dive log) you propably don't need one
/e: 24.7m would also fit with the dive site

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Interesting, I don't remember that, what's the reason? just to be safer from decompression sickness or another effect entirely?

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Essentially, paper ballots are almost impossible to compromise in any meaningful way.

I always thought that this is bullshit, it just requires a very different set of skills to cheat.

First of all, look at magicians, they let you watch boxes all day, and then apparently impossible stuff happens.

Another avenue of attack might be the ballot paper and pens that are provided, pretty sure it would be possible to rig the set in a way that the actual vote vanishes, while a different one appears. I know you don't have to use the provided pens, but most people do. Changing 80+% of votes should be sufficient for most cases...
I mean all it would seem to take is a delayed reaction that either dissolves pigment, or changes it's color.

Or of course, especially if you're already in a powerful position, intimidation seems like a very possible option when people have to come to you even.

And I mean those are just things I came up with in 10 minutes.
I'm not trying to say that electronic voting is a good idea, just that paper-voting isn't completely foolproof, just because it's happening with paper. Also maybe that the "anyone can watch" system doesn't help much when noone actually does.