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With so many flight sims already on the market, how will you distinguish Balsa from all the others? More importantly, how will you distinguish it from KSP minus the rockets?

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Can you scratch your back with that horn thing of yours?

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I have heard that most meteors in a meteor shower are the size of sand grains. How is this measured or estimated?

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Perhaps I missed something about the light beam experiment, can you help me clarify something? I understand that they first intended to use a blue laser, but the dispersion of the laser beam was too large in that distance to produce a point of light small enough to be measured precisely. They then modified their experiment by using a non-collimated light source, shine it through two consecutive holes to collimate the beam, and then use a camera as light sensor to detect the beam at distance. My question is, if a strong laser isn't good enough to produce a coherent beam over that distance, how is it that two holes in cardboards were able to remedy the dispersion problem?

Not a flat earther trying to rationalize their failure, I'm just genuinely curious.