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The goal is saving human lives, ultimately, right? That was the point of flattening the curve after all, the reason we didn't want to overwhelm hospitals. Are you saying you're reconciled to accepting a slower spread? Not working to put the fire out, as many other places have proved they can do?

So why not continue to wait until we truly are ramped up enough to test at a decent capacity? Or until we have the recommended number days of declining deaths and hospitalizations?

The mask wearing is also helping

Unfortunately, without a mandate that all must wear masks, we're going to continue to get a low level of compliance. I went out recently for a medical appointment and less than half the folks I saw were wearing masks. With the increased threats (for example, my local health department was the one threatened with "civil war" if we didn't relax our current fairly lax standards). This mixed bag of local mandates only makes the irrational more irrational, and municipalities frankly can't stand up to this sort of behavior.

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Hi Governor Polis, I appreciate you doing this AMA. I live in Colorado and am in a high risk category. Can you tell me why you decided to move forward without the recommended decrease in positive tests or getting anywhere near the number of required tests? The recent work from the Harvard Global Health Institute shows we fall "far short" of what's needed to reopen, and that "in the last few weeks, all of the models have converged on many more people getting infected and many more people [dying]"... but we're doing it anyway.

Andy Slavitt summed it up with "...Like many countries we picked a strategy to beat COVID-19. We just decided not to stick to it.It’s a long and difficult road & after we climbed halfway we decided it was too hard and decided to roll back down the Hill.”

What can you tell me to dispel the feeling I have that you've decided "reopening the economy" outweighs human lives?