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Why didnt you build him a space ship!?

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It seems he REALLY wanted a space ship.

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Hey Brendan, I met you way way back in 2009 when I was on tour with a band called Carnifex. We also have mutual acquaintances in Nikhil who helped out in trying to get Metalocalypse going again. I do a heavy metal podcast now and was wondering what it would take to get YOU as a guest on our show!?

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Only 30 posts? I have to know, what was the most salacious thing you found during this whole investigation?

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Hey Brann!
I want confirmation on an urban legend from my city involving you guys.
So, many many years back in Chattanooga, TN I used to spot your guys demo CD's in like all the FYE's in town and I heard that you were going to be playing the Riverbend festival that year. Well I never got to go, but I HEARD anyways, that you guys played and one song into your set you had the plug pulled and you got kicked off stage. Is any of that true??
EDIT: P.S. We also share the same birthday!