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Personally, I think that if somebody doesn't disclose their age then the legal system should lessen or deviate the punishment entirely on the projected offenders part. Especially if the sex was consensual.

Appreciate the luck. Thanks!

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Yes, it does. In my honest opinion, just from some of the people that I have met and how I have been treated by law enforcement recently, I think that people with a prior history are more likely to get caught for the criminal activities that many people with no prior history typically get away with. For example, you might get off with a warning for speeding but I will never get off with a warning again.

Personally, I do not think I would return to criminal activity because prison is a not a fun place and I do not want to return there.

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It feels devastating. Imagine your entire emotional state goes into shock and stays there. Darkness covers your brain and makes you feel completely numb. I still haven't figure out a way to get out of this feeling nor necessarily cope. I still have moments where I want to end my life. I want to stay positive and hope that the future has something in store for me, but as of the end of 2016, nothing is looking very positive.

EDIT: Here is an accurate representation of my life right now

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I am currently on the registration for 25 years. I have to re-register current information about myself and my living arrangements biannually. If I make a mistake in registration at any time, I would be facing a matching low grade felony for Failure to Register and face up to 18 months in prison.

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I hired an attorney when the situation first came around but I had already told my side of the story to the local authorities. He recommended that I take the plea bargain because I technically already admitted to committing the crime. He told me that I would have had a very good chance of losing the trial and facing up to 18 months in prison and a lifetime registration.