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I remember watching a video of a woman giving a tour of the ISS. In this video she shows the fitness equipment- she explains the fitness equipment is not attached to the walls because it could adversely effect the orbit of the ISS. I'm going to look for the video now, because without it- what I just said sounds very stupid.

Found it:


[edit] Disreagrd that. I am retarded. There are negative effects from crashing into things, but it's not anything to do with orbit. It's just to avoid the whole station kind of bouncing around.

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Can you maybe say a little more about how google backstabbed you? Or link to something on the topic.

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Are you receiving any notable help from outside parties in your lawsuits? IE; people hoping for favorable precedent?

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I have keratoconus, which loosely translated means the physical shape of my eyes is fucked up. To avoid further damaging my eyes though, I must wear contacts that do not put pressure on the shape of my eyes.

I don't know how much of an expert you are here; but how is it that pressuring your eyes is good for you, bad for me?

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I currently wear hard contact lenses that basically put equal pressure on all of the eye. I wear them opposite hours from what you do- always except during the night. It's not comfortable, but I'm effectively blind without them (As in, -18).

For a while, I accidentally had my contact lenses in the wrong way (ie: left contact in right eye and vice versa), this punts more pressure on the more fucked up eye and the result was that when I took the contacts out- my eye sight was actually better than normal. When I brought this up with the specialist I see he urged me to try my best avoiding it in the future-- as it would damage the cornea surface.