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I always flash my headlights when it's clear for a semi to merge in front of me. I normally get a return flash of their running lights. Are there other things we can do to make driving easier on you?

A few of our gas stations have lounges and bathrooms with showers for truckers. Do you make use of facilities like this? Are truckers generally chatty due to being mostly isolated while driving?

How have cell phones changed how CB is used? Do you have a CB handle?

Favorite state to drive through? Least favorite?

How do you feel about kids signaling for you to do the airhorn? :)

Thanks and drive safe!

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For anyone that wants a quick summary of the practice, the studios include things like interest and advertising costs on the balance sheet even though a large portion of those things are paid to other parts of the same organization. So if Warner Brothers Studio makes a film and needs to finance it, they borrow from Warner Brothers Financial (both made up entities for demonstration purposes) at a very high interest rate. WB Studio loses money and doesn't have to pay profit sharing while WB Financial makes huge profits.

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Any response to the PolitiFact pieces that rated your ad and comment "Pants on Fire" and "False"?

Additionally, the last polling I saw showed you 8 points behind in your internal poll and 25 points behind in Ryan's internal poll. Since reality is somewhere in the middle, it's clear that it's going to be a blowout (10+ points) in Ryan's favor. Without a win, what does your campaign accomplish?

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate when people take on tougher questions.

PolitiFact did a followup regarding the "as we know it" phrasing and found that it both does and doesn't, so I have to disagree with your take on the issue.

Regardless, if Ryan's plan isn't the solution, then what is? People are comparing his plans for entitlements to the current situation while ignoring that fundamental changes will absolutely be necessary at some point. Isn't it more fair to compare his plan with alternate plans or with what will happen if nothing is done? Is it possible to overhaul Medicare and Social Security (as both sides agree is necessary) without changing them "as we know it"?

Thanks again. While I won't wish you luck in the election since I live in the 1st district and support the other guy, I do wish you the best of luck and happiness in your other endeavors. :)

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Even if you don't get a reply from Mr. Adams, I just have to say that I love this. The colors, strokes, and overall concept are wonderful. Do you have this available as a print somewhere?