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TheSummerCat1127 karma

How do you choose the newspapers with whom you share the data?

In Ecuador the newspaper in charge has barely covered the news about the president being evading taxes for more than 30 years and instead focus on a Spanish singer.

Would it be possible to share it with another trusted news media that isn’t owned by a family that is very close to the current president? Like DW_Spanish? Or any other?

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Thank you for your answer.

Are you willing to accept new journalists to share with them the data of a specific country? Or is the process closed to only the ones that have previously worked with you?

I don’t mean to questions the journalists that have been selected from Ecuador, but the news journal that covers them and how they can limit what they publish or not.

It’s been very frustrating not getting more details about this when the person involved is the president of the country.

Thank you once again.

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Thank you so much! I’ll share this information with other news outlets in the country.

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It’s been really hard to get any more details in Ecuador. The newspaper they chose had a very cozy relationship with the president, he even gave them a medal as soon as he was sworn in.

I’m happy they got a news outlet that wasn’t run by any of the people in power for Lebanon.

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Thank you so much for your answer. But this is exactly what I mean. In Ecuador one of the journalists members from ICIJ openly defends the president https://i.imgur.com/G1Vmg8w.jpg being even against congress opening an investigation.

How can we expect that they will publish/cover objectively the tax evasion of the same person they are so fond of?