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Beatings and anal. Anal just for the time being until I get good enough at it to feel comfortable doing it on camera. I like rough sex a lot. But I dont want to do beatings like for example the ones on Kink.com. Mostly because I dont want the marks left on me to stop me from doing a scene the day after.

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The thing about interracial and anal is if you start doing them right away you lose money. If you save them for way in your future people will be contacting you trying to get you to do them by offering crazy amounts of money. Also if you do them early then everyone will already have all these videos of you. There wont be much else to shoot of you and again you lose money.

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I was never shy in bed. Ive always been a very carnal minded person and when you love sex youre usually good at it or try really hard to be good at it. You just have to communicate with your partners. Dont be insecure and scared to tell someone what you like and dont like because there are plenty of people in the world that will be more than willing to do what you like if one person wont.

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obviously hahaha

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Probably not from what everyone in the industry has told me but we will see :)