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TheSpitRoaster36 karma

As a fellow instructor, I have to ask: Do you have any certification as an instructor?

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Do you think Captain Crunch deserves a second chance? I'm still not entirely over the all-berries-debacle.

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Thank you for this pseudo-lesson in eco 101. I'm not sure where you're going with this, either, since at best, nothing changed for me (hence no benefit) and at worst, I'm not gonna buy a game (like Borderlands 3) that I would have bought before, because it isn't integrated in Steam's services and I definitely won't a.) convince all my friends to download EGS and buy it there and b.) add those that I know from Borderlands manually.

So in this case, due to a competition-disrupting measure called exclusivity, I lose, Steam loses, Gearbox loses, and Epic stays neutral.

Please give phrases like "competition benefits consumerism" some thinking time before repeating them like a parrot. It's a general principle, yes, but the situation with the EGS vs Steam is a magnitude more complicated than that.

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Yeah the customer definitely benefits by having to use an incredibly buggy sub-par piece of software to launch the games they like.

I'm the consumer, I buy where I benefit the most. The EGS doesn't give me any benefits - moreover, it pissed me off by forcing me (not convincing me) to use it to play, say, Borderlands 3. No thanks. If you can win me over with features, do it, but just putting up walls does not benefit the consumer at all.