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The biggest problem was the pandemic. I started as pilot, but I could not get the appropriate training due to border restrictions and even BC not allowing non-canadian athletes to train at their facilities. It would have costed me upwards of ~20k to go to Europe and I could risk that with my school. Also had a difficult time finding appropriate brakemen to slide with me.

Another part is that I had a lot time to think during the pandemic and some events happened in my life. Someone close to me pass away early in the pandemic and a good friend of mine (also qualified for the games) almost die in a car accident. It got me thinking a lot about my own vulnerability and that my last time at the games.. I wasn't in a good place mentally. I didn't want to go into my 30's thinking about what I left on the table nor waste anytime wondering what if.

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AHAHAHA! Someone asked me this 4 years ago in a previous AMA.

I do not and I may consider that this go around.

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My sister took a trip to a local hill with the Girl Scouts in Fort McMurray and really loved it. She convinced both my parents to register us in the local ski program and for some years I wasn't really a big fan of it. In 2003, we moved to Calgary which was close to the rockies and I had access to better facilities. My love for skiing just took off from there.

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Hakeem Abdul-Saboor if he qualifies will probably be first in my opinion. Well spoken and humble dude!

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Thank you for the kind words!

It's hard question and one that I have though about a lot, but if I was given the choice, I would represent Eritrea. Initially, my decisions for Eritrea in 2011 was to being to participate in the 2012 Youth Games, but it has evolved from that after my last Olympics. Culturally I want to break the norms and help other people of colour join winter sports. I do believe there's a big fear (and justifiably) and I believe I can only raise awareness by participating for Eritrea.

Being an Olympic Athlete for Eritrea does give you recognition and honours.