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TheSemiTallest145 karma

I've known a fair number of unicyclists, and I've concluded that the unicycle is the least efficient form of transportation because it requires constant energy both to move, and to stay still.

How long had you been riding one before you decided to take on this challenge?

TheSemiTallest57 karma

I hadn't seen that before, and was really hoping he would go back for the second row. Such a simple, and stupid, joke, but great execution.

TheSemiTallest32 karma

I hadn't even thought of the gear you must've been wearing. How much did it throw off your balance, and how long did it take to adjust?

TheSemiTallest3 karma

I know some people who used to work with the big cat act in a circus. They said that they would give the cats bowling balls to play with as toys, and that the cats would break them. Did you give the cats in the zoo any unusual toys with unexpected results?