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This is just cruel. Men are finally educated enough to find your clitoris and now you go and split the road in two directions. The whole thing is starting to sound like a jab at the male aversion for asking for directions.

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Have you played those games? Uncharted 2 made a better Indiana Jones story than half the movies. And I'm from the Indiana Jones generation.

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My ex was Japanese and covered in tattoos. The social ostracization bothered her quite a lot (but apparently not enough to stop her from getting inked)

She explained the same thing about the Yakuza (including some interesting anecdotes about having lived next to a yakuza boss).

It always amused me that all of her tattoos were of small pink and blue flowers, cats and the logo's of some of the bands she managed. I kept picturing some badass Yakuza enforcer with pink daisies on his knuckles and a kitten on his bicep.

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Man you're good. Admit it, they have a class in Noir speak when you do your PI apprenticeship don't they?