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TheSSChallenger42 karma

Jason Rogers? Drop dead gorgeous handy-with-a-sword-in-the-21st-century literal-coverboy-of-most-eligible bachelors Jason Rogers? Worried about his sexual prowess? Daaayyuumm, it really can happen to anybody!

I'm a woman who cannot achieve orgasm. For me, that's fine. I still have plenty of fun in bed and come out of it feeling perfectly satisfied. But I've always struggled with partners feeling as though they are inadequate. I've struggled with feeling like I'm the one making them feel that way. It's a real barrier in sexual relationships, especially when it (almost inevitably) gets to the point where I feel like I can't communicate what makes me feel good in bed without making him feel worse about himself, and points where I'm no longer focused on enjoying myself and am instead putting on a show to appease his ego. Ironically, a man's performance anxiety is the very thing that ruins his performance, and I really don't know what to do about it.

So I guess I have two questions for you, Mr. Rogers:

First question: What should someone in my situation do (or not do) to help a partner feel confident? Obviously, basic communication and reassurance is important regardless, but what do I do when that doesn't seem to be enough? Can I do something? Should I do something?

Second question: will you go out with me