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TheRudim3nt114 karma

I got to see you for the first time in Boston, MA, last year. Never laughed so hard at a show in my life.

I was wondering, when you do these tours and shows, do you ever step out after the show to meet the audience, or is that something you see as outside the purview of what you do?

EDIT: Apologies if that came off as rude. Not the intention. Just an acknowledgement that you have particular views on aspects of your career, like social media, and I wasn't sure if that extended to fan interaction.

TheRudim3nt95 karma

How long did it take to sort of pin down your own, unique portrayal of the Doctor?

I know when Peter Capaldi took over, he talked about how it took getting a few episodes under his belt before he really felt like he had found his own identity as the Doctor.

With 55 years of history, I imagine it's not exactly a simple matter to find something that is just entirely unique to you.

P.S. - Fantastic premiere yesterday! I'm psyched that there's so much more to see. Stick around for a few seasons, ok? :)

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Live ones, eh? I see your kids have gotten better at keeping pets. Anyway, all I get to hear by going to the Grand Canyon is my own bad jokes echoed back at me. I'll take a handshake with you any day of the week...

But, thank you for answering my question.