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Hi Mr Azaria,

Thanks for doing this.

You've been involved with the Simpsons from the earliest days; was there a specific point when you realized that it wasn't just another garden-variety "couple mediocre years and then forgotten" TV show?

Of all the characters that you've voiced for the show, are there any that you've been surprised to see stick around for 25 years?

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EDIT: OK, looks like I asked a really obvious one. Redacted.

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Hi Mr Caswell,

I have nothing but respect for a guy like you. The vitamin thing, the high-falutin job that you cast away to go racing, the attitude that you race with... dude, you're what I want to be.

Are you just naturally ballsy, or do you push yourself through these endeavours to purposely make sure that you have no regrets on your death bed (or some other justification)?

I think about quitting my terrible job that I hate to build a cheapo KOH buggy or something and my stomach drops, even though I could probably afford it with what I've saved. Why do guys like you actually follow dreams and guys like me just dream?