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Is it frustrating watching this vanish in the news cycle?

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Came for the Archer memes, Stayed for the fuck cancer.

Fuck cancer, amirite?

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So it's slowly eroding your soul while you stalwartly raise a veneer of professionalism, biting back the urge to scream "Wake up damnit, it's right there in the open."

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Joe - How hard is it to add a new transmission vector to an existing virus? What does it do to the shape? What about removing one? Could we "sterilize" a virus by introducing a version of it that had no vectors into the wild? Or would natural selection prevent this? How hard would it be to engineer a virus to "eat" bad cholesterol? (number of years, approx. required grant money and undergrads, required lab expenses, FDA trial time) What keeps someone from buying a 3DBioprinter and printing batch after batch of smallpox,Y pestis, Dysentary, etc. etc.

Heather - What has the lack of light in the far depths done to the digestive tracts of local detritovores in terms of unique adaptations?

Radhika - So if I understand this right, tumors have high genomic instability, so they mutate, and the mutation leads to tumor suppression genes not functioning properly, is there any particular subset of the population with incredibly strong tumor suppression genes? Do the same individuals have high concentrations of oncogenes as well thus necessitating the strong Tumor suppression genes?

Jacob - Benign v.s. Malignant cells, is a tendency to have one over the other inheritable? Is malignancy on a flat or sliding scale?

Troy - Anything in the works vis-a-vis stabilization of healthy gut fauna balance? What is the number one factor in compromising the immune systems of people in developed countries, and in undeveloped countries?

Marc - When does a stem cell stop being a stem cell? If the population determined a mutation to be completely beneficial (Regrowing teeth for example) could we all be run under gene therapy to introduce it to the whole population? Would it carry to the next generation? How long would it take to kick in?

Johnny - Thanks to Moore's law, computational power is rising steadily. How helpful has that been in performing simulations of protein folding?

Steph and Abbe - How do tumor suppressant genes identify and halt/hinder oncogenesis?

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How easily can I make money by purchasing a fedex uniform, getting a fake badge made, and walking into office buildings yelling angrily into a bluetooth headset about deliverables and short turnaround windows, while carting a dolly filled with fake packages into offices, then emptying those boxes and filling them with computers or just hard drives and leaving?