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Do you believe all breeders are puppy mills?

Second part of question depending on answer: What is your biggest encouragement to people buying from a breeder to avoid puppy mills?

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Thanks for the answer and for all you’re doing!!

I had one litter of French Bulldogs. Have been called a puppy mill and have had to explain the very big difference between the two. As well as warn people and tell them what to look for.

I took a month off of work to be there and care for the pups by hand. I had genetic testing done beforehand on both parents (which I have even to this day and whom are both now fixed), had all health testing done on all pups and made sure all were healthy and had medical care (shots, etc). Wasn’t about the money, definitely did not make any lol. I love each one and stay in contact with their parents. Even kept one and she’s the joy of my life as well as a great addition to the frenchie little family.

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Not in it for profit. Again, took a month off my full time job to care for them. Even paid $4k out of pocket when they were 5 weeks old due to one of them having an anal prolapse. The vet told me it may not be “worth it” since it was too expensive. I told her I didn’t care how much it took to save her life but just to do it... and I never rolled that cost into the new parents fee.

Having the litter saved my life. I was going through an insane amount of depression due to a TBI and post hip surgery. They brought me out of it. I thank them every day and definitely thank my pup Joy who I kept from the litter who is massively spoiled lol. She’s the joy of my life. Hence the name :)

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I apologize ahead of time for a silly question... what is CV? When I look it up there are many answers so I wanted to be sure I understood.

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Yes, several times haha. It wasn’t intentional at the time, we had considered it, hence the genetic testing and having a male and female of the same breed. We were told that Frenchies’s can’t reproduce on their own (our fault for not being better educated) and we ended up with a litter. All but one went to family friends and even now I am best friends with her mom.

I encourage adopting and getting from good breeders because I feel it’s a personal choice that no one should be made to feel guilty about. But people need to be better educated and make better choices, as well as report when they find something concerning.

I promote spay/neuter as well as pet health insurance so you don’t have to make the choice due to finances to give up your pup or put them down if/when injury or illness happens. I even have a clause in my puppy contract that all the new parents signed saying we had right of first refusal if they were going to give the pup up or put them down for something other then humane reasons.